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Lunar Chickens

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pictureLunar Chickens has a diversified range of poultry products that are locally produced in line with international standards and we are set on becoming the largest producers in Zimbabwe.


pictureLunar Chickens runs vertically integrated operation which is made up of the following Strategic Business .The role of the Slaughterland SBU is to provide world class chicken...

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pictureBuying Chicken? Lunar Chicken products reach the store in perfect condition. To be sure of optimum quality and freshness when buying chicken, be sure to read the important


Lunar Chickens a high quality producer of poultry products in the Zimbabwean market. Since it's formation in 2007 the company has grown to become a significant player in the local market and with ambitions to expand it's footprint beyond its borders. Lunar is a fully integrated broiler producer that breeds and rears its own livestock, processes, distributes and markets fresh, frozen and value-added chicken. In addition to this Lunar produces day old chicks, table eggs and hatching eggs.


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  • pictureThis operation provides eggs for chick production. Hatching eggs for chick production (internal consumption by Lunar Chickens) and hatching eggs for sale to external customers. From the hatchery eggs are converted into chicks which are then passed onto the Broiler Farm, where they are grown into broiler birds.
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  • pictureThis operation rears Layer birds and when they mature are transferred to a egg production site. Besides catering for internal layer requirements the farm sells Pullets or Point of Lays (POL) to the wider market.
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  • pictureLunar has extensive and state of the art egg production operations that produce high quality table eggs for the retail market.

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